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Bringing you the Top Rated Ecig Brands for the Beginner and Intermediate Vaper. 



The Volt Ecig is a KR808D-1 style ecig. The KR808D-1 designation refers to the threads that connect the cartomizer to the battery.  Volt uses horizontal coil cartomizers.  This new design improves the vaping experience in many ways.  Smokeless Image, home of the Volt, is a newer company and that means new products are being offered all the time.  I love this product and the company.  I can’t recommend this brand enough.  Their pricing model is very good and they offer bulk discounts in addition to the discount you get with my code.

Volt electronic cigarettes use the horizontal coil cartomizer design which gives you maximum vapor without the heat usually associated with Low Resisitance Cartomizers.  They are KR808D-1 ecigs.

Volt batteries are regulated at 3.6 volts to optimize the performance of the Volt Cartomizer.  Smokeless Image was the first company to introduce the regulated passthrough.  It is a must for users.  This passthrough is regulated at 3.6 volts so you get a perfect vape everytime without using up your batteries.

Volt offers a Sealed Automatic Battery that is perfect for users that fill their own cartomizers.  With this battery, you do not have to worry about juice leaking from the cartomizer into the battery because the battery is sealed. This is an option previously only available in the manual batteries.  Volt offers more colors and options for your batteries than any other supplier, from lime green to the new Rainbow battery.

Volt introduced the new X2 Battery that comes in 650mAh, 900mAh, and 1300mAh sizes.  They are also passthrough batteries so they can be used while charging using the included cable.  For every 100mAh you can expect 1-1.5 hours of vaping time.  These batteries are a must have item and they have received rave reviews from Volt customers.  They come in the complete spectrum of colors.

The new Volt Variable Voltage Spinner battery allows users to adjust the voltage from 3.3 to 4.8 volts.  Now you can fine tune your vaping experience on the fly by turning the knurled dial on the bottom of the battery.

Cartomizers are available in a wide selection of flavors and E-Liquid is available to fill blank cartomizers or just refill a prefilled cartomizer.  Cartomizers are 2.6-2.8 ohms of resistance and work perfectly with Volt batteries.

Volt's most popular clearomizer release is the Clearomizer that is easy to fill, doesn't leak or crack and delivers a pure vape maximizing the flavor without any filler material.  The clearomizers can be refilled many times and last about 3 weeks each.  The clearomizers work great on the X2 Battery as well as the 78mm batteries.
Another addition to the Volt line of cartomizers is the 1ml
It provides a fillerless clearomizer option that is the same diameter of the 78mm batteries.  It is a bottom coil, easy top fill clearomizer and comes in multiple colors.   

The latest addition to the product line is the
clearomizer.  It holds 3ml of nicquid, is a bottom coil design.  Filling is easy too.  Turn upside down and screw off the base and fill.

The Volt Electronic Cigarette is one of the best values for your money.  Starter Kits, Cartomizers, Batteries and Accessories are priced below most products with this design.

At Smokeless Image, home of the Volt, fast shipping, quality and great customer service make Volt a great value and I recommend this product to new users and veteran vapers alike.

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